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What tastes great and packs 15 grams of totally digestible plant based protein into 4 table spoons, plus vitamins, enzymes and fiber?

Oh, and did we mention balanced Omega 6 & Omega 3 is better than fish?

It's shelled hemp seed. With the sweet, nutty flavor of sunflower seed and a soft texture, hemp seed is the easiest, healthiest food you can include in your daily diet. You can hardly read any health related articles anymore that don't stress the benefits of Omega 3's. Brain development in children, heart and artery protection, stress relief, weight control, inflammation control, just to name a few.

Hemp seed can be eaten on its own but is also super in cereal, yogurt, smoothies, granola bars, salads and just about other food combination that lends itself to the addition of a power house of nutrients!

The articles listed below are super references that provide detailed information about the benefits of eating hemp seed.

hemp seed case of 9Is hemp just for people? It is definitely for your dogs, cats, small pets, horses, llama & alpacas as well. With the rich essential oils, hemp keeps the skin and hair of your animals in optimum condition and curtails shedding as well. For active and older pets, hemp is a great anti-inflammatory, just as it is for people. Added gradually to their diet, they get to love the flavor and hemp becomes an integral part of you and your animal's diet.

How about hemp oil? Most hemp oils are green and sludgy in appearance, not usable for cooking and have a strong flavor. Our oil is clear, very fine for cooking and has a sweet light flavor. Hemp oil maintains it's omega 6&3 values in normal cooking temperatures where other oils lose these properties very quickly when heated. Topically, it is great for the skin and used by many massage therapists.

hemp seed case of 9Product Listing - Order online Now!

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